Even the WSJ Loves K-Pop Girls’ Generation (Video)

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K-Pop superstar group Girls’ Generation is making their debut rounds of the TV networks this week and it’s just further validation that their American fans have been right all along. But when even the Wall Street Journal gets behind the craze, there’s got to be something to it. Is the world looking at the biggest musical act since The Beatles?

For those who haven’t heard, Girls’ Generation is the nine-member, all-girl Korean singing group riding the wave of South Korean pop (K-Pop, get it?) which started taking over the charts last year and is beginning to crest.

This week the group assaulted late night and early morning network TV by guesting on both David Letterman and Kelly Ripa, respectively, with their smash single, “The Boys.” And all within 12 hours of each other. Talk about jet lag!

MTV of course hogs all the credit for “discovering” the genre in this article about Girls’ Generation, making the point they interviewed the gals way back in the early days of October 2011. But this reporter pegged the craze by covering K-Pop Boy Band upstarts SHINee way back in June. Sorry, MTV.

No matter. What’s important is that the musical style is getting its due because it’s fun, stylish and sounds great! So what does WSJ have to do with it?

In their most recent article (only going back to December… sorry WSJ) they’ve included a poll asking how the girls did on Letterman and, by some accounts, it’s their most successful Arts column ever.

Proving once again that any time the Wall Street Journal gets around to covering a story, somebody’s already struck gold. Cha-ching!

Just in case this amazing act hasn’t made it into the general consciousness yet, here’s a replay of the Letterman show.

Time to cash in!

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