Everlasting Embrace~’FWE Touch’

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We started out as friends

I should have known better

He seemed to want more

I believed in love at first sight

That first day we met for lunch

He showed me around town

He even took me to his home

He gave me a lovely, handmade necklace

When he put it around my neck,

I quivered as his hands brushed

my secret erogenous zone

Before I left, he kissed my cheek

Tempted by his strength and charisma,

I anticipated another date

and delighted in his first call

We went to dinner that same night

We shared a single passionate kiss

Then we were inseparable for weeks

We bonded in laughter, through tears

and created precious memories

I’ll never forget how I felt beside him

listening to the soft sounds of his breath

I sighed in the warm comfort of his being

I’d never slept more peacefully

or imagined such contentment

Although we had no future together

and our paths may not cross again

His strong arms do seem to reach me

I may always yearn for him to surround me

When my need for touch arises,

I return to those times in my mind

May he still feel our embrace in dreams…







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