Evidence of Alien Life Found?

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A NASA scientist is convinced that his studies spanning ten years reveal fossil evidence of alien life within meteorites. Dr. Richard B. Hoover is an astrobiologist with NASA’s Marshall Space flight Center. He has traveled to Antarctica, Siberia, and Alaska to collect and study meteorites, and has published his findings in the March edition of the Journal of Cosmology.

Hoover has studied a rare class of meteorites, CI1 carbonaceous chondrites, and claims to have found the remains of living organisms within them. Dr. David Marais is cautious about Hoover’s claim, saying “ItÂ’s an extraordinary claim, and thus IÂ’ll need extraordinary evidence.”

Understanding the skepticism, the journal invited the scientific community to analyze the study and submit their own conclusions, but this doesn’t worry Hoover. Fox News quotes him as saying,

“If someone can explain how it is possible to have a biological remain that has no nitrogen, or nitrogen below the detect ability limits that I have, in a time period as short as 150 years, then I would be very interested in hearing that.”

 He isn’t alone. Since humans have looked skyward, they have wondered about the possibility of alien life on other planets. Taking this study to the next level will be exciting, and whether or not it will be confirmed as a true “signature of life” remains to be seen. Imagine the gloating of the “We are not alone” believers, should Hoover’s findings hold up under what is sure to be vigorous scrutiny. 

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