Evolution and Picky Eaters (WWE, 4/18/12, Picky Eaters)

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I have always wondered why evolution favored those who prefer junk food.  Candy, cookies and donuts I understand.  A sweet tooth is attracted to fruit which is good for you–sweets are simply more concentrated.  So it makes sense that my three-year-old self was screaming for ice cream.  But I was told, “Eat your peas or you will get no dessert.”

That brings me to my next query: If that green slimy crap they call vegetables is so good for you, why don’t small children say something along the lines of, “Mommy, can I have a broccoli bar?”  And why doesn’t mom say, “No, not until you eat your chocolate eclairs.”

“Aw, Mommy!  Do I have to?!”

It seems to me that natural selection should have favored a species that is more attracted to healthy foods…but nooooooooo!  So here is my three-year-old self batting peas around his plate with his spoon.  I eventually got my ice cream.  Apparently I was a good boy and ate my peas all gone.   Later, however, when my grandma cleared the table, she lifted up my plate and there was a pile of peas underneath.  Pretty slick, eh?




Write a story, fact or fiction (in any form you desire) about anything that pertains to picky eaters.

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