Exclusive! Gretchen Rossi Responds to Comments by Alexis That She Is ‘Aligned’ with Tamra

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Gretchen Rossi and the ladies of Real Housewives of Orange County are dealing with their fair share of drama this season. From surprise marriages to surprise friendships, it is making out to be one heck of a season! However, there is plenty of drama off-screen as well.

In an interview earlier today, Alexis Bellino stated that her friendship with Gretchen “has taken a huge hit this season.” She also added, “Right now I’m not sure where it stands. I’ve seen a whole new side to her as she’s aligned herself with Tamra.”

After hearing of Alexis’ comments, Gretchen decided to tell her side of the story. She tells Gather exclusively, “I’m not aligned with Tamra; I just choose to put the past behind us! My relationship with Tamra has nothing to do with Alexis!” Their relationship has certainly led to a boost in ratings—this season is up 10% in viewership!

As for Alexis’ claim that she had no idea that the “phony intervention” was going to happen, Gretchen adds, “I warned Alexis about the ‘intervention’ on the plane ride over and gave her my example in private so she not side-swiped or not prepared for ambush, ’cause that’s what friends do! For her to act like I threw her under the bus is BS!”

Fans would only assume that Gretchen and Tamra’s friendship has led to some jealousy on the part of Alexis. Perhaps, she is retaliating. Gretchen’s take? “Apparently she thinks playing the ‘poor me’ card is working to her benefit so she’s running with it.” If the shoe fits!

In closing, Gretchen Rossi states, “There has not been any footage of me talking about Alexis with the other women negatively and actually.”

On tomorrow night’s new episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, fans will see Gretchen confront Tamra and Heather regarding any negative comments towards Alexis, and the truth will be revealed! Don’t miss it.

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