Exclusive! Jenelle Evans Moving to Apartment Until She Finds Her Dream Home

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Jenelle Evans is moving. After spending the last 6 months in an apartment she’s moving on and putting the home she shared with ex-fiance Gary Head behind her. The two had several fights in the home so it’s good to see her and her current boyfriend Kieffer Delp a place of their own.

Jenelle tells Gather she’ll be living in an “apartment until October.” Although she has plans to buy her dream home soon, she says she “hasn’t found the right house yet.” Buying a home is a huge purchase so good for her for taking it slow.

As she stated earlier, Jenelle will be moving in just two days. Kieffer Delp and she have been splitting the costs 50/50 at their current place so that will likely stay the same. There’s no word on if Kieffer will be a part of the home buying process or not.

Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp will be seen in the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 which will air this fall on MTV.

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