Exclusive New Clip from Martin Scorsese’s ‘Hugo’ Released

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Martin Scorsese’s Hugo hits theaters next weekend just in time for Thanksgiving and is already getting outstanding praise from critics. An exclusive new clip from the film showcases just how the legendary director makes use of the increasingly popular 3D technology.

The clip found exclusively on CinemaBlend.com is of course not 3D, but the scene featuring the film’s stars, Chloe Moretz and Ben Kingsley, is so beautifully shot that it’s easy to imagine how spectacular it will look on the big screen from behind the view of a pair of plastic 3D glasses. In a film market grossly over-saturated with overused 3D technology, it’s refreshing to finally see a filmmaker like Martin Scorsese find a real use for it.

The director who is known mostly for his gangster films isn’t exactly a big name in family movies, but he is arguably one of the most talented directors of his generation, so it’s really not surprising that he has taken the genre and the technology to a new level. If this clip is any indication, Hugo promises to be a huge hit and finally a film worthy of the 3D ticket prices.

Martin Scorsese’s Hugo hits theaters November 23rd, and it’s not be missed. It’s sure to create fans out of whole new generation.

Martin Scorsese by David Shankbone

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