Exercise Video: Dancing with the Stars Cardio Dance- Review

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Always looking for a different way to get my exercise in, I couldn't help but buy "Dancing with the Stars Cardio Dance".  Ok, I confess, I bought it because Maxim Chmerkovsky is in it.  What woman wouldn't want to dance with him?  He's hot.

The video features 4 dances- the paso doble, samba, cha cha, and the jive.  Since the paso doble is a slower dance I was doing really well at first.  Ok, I confess, I really just watched Maxim and didn't do too much dancin, but I did get me heart rate up, *wink*wink.

The other featured dancers were Kym Johnson (she danced with Joey Fatone this year), Ashly Costa (Harry Hamlin's partner last year), but since Maxim wasn't in those segments I decided to actually dance.  Well, I use the term dance loosely.  I basically tried to keep up with the steps and not bump into my coffee table.  It wasn't a total success, but with a little practice I'm sure it could become a good workout.

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