Experience Helps – MonWe, 1/13/14, Words With Many Meanings

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Their I was a suite young thing

Weighting to see watt life would bring

I processed a body, voluptuous and trim

Just knowing I would soon meat him

Like a lightning bolt , he shocked me

Electric waves swept threw my heart

I was underwhelmed to say the lease

Anxious for romance to start

I didn’t have to weight two long

For sex to rare it’s ugly head

This suite young thing took out her gun

And shot the demon dead

That’s a funny way to look at it, but I was inexperienced

I didn’t no what was supposed to happen

That handsome devil shore got upset with me

As he hobbled away, he didn’t feel like clapping

I yelled, hey aren’t you coming back

And he said, know I’m going across the rode

To get to the other side, I hope I never sea you again

If I do I’m going to hide, He’s whole d up in his abode





Go for it. I have fun with these words. Lets see if you do.

Sharon Pribble

MonWe/ 1,13,14/ Dream on Monday Challenge, Words with Many Meanings


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