Expert: Prince William Will Be Completely Bald by the Time He’s 40!

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Justin Bieber recently told a British magazine that the famously balding Prince William should take some Propecia. A leading hair transplant surgeon in the U.K. sort of echoes the Biebs’ sentiments, telling the Daily Mail that if the Duke of Cambridge doesn’t take action, he “will be completely bald on the top his head by the time he is 40″!

“[He] has been losing his hair since he was 25. His hair loss is even worse than his father Charles. And obviously his grandfather Philip is bald too. That is a strong family gene. There is a strong likelihood that any male child he has with Kate [Middleton] will also have this bald gene—though a further consideration will be hair genes on Kate’s side of the family,” Dr. Asim Shahmalak tells the paper.

Dr. Shahmalak actually doesn’t recommend that William take Propecia, since he could “take Propecia for the rest of his life and it would not help him to grow new hair.” (Side effects of Propecia include “loss of libido, growth of man boobs and ejaculation problems,” but considering Will and Kate allegedly haven’t had sex in months, at least two of those things shouldn’t be a problem.) So what does the doctor suggest the prince do?

“Prince William has quite fine light brown hair. To restore the hair on the top of his head to a reasonable level of density, he will need at least 3,000 or 4,000 hair grafts where hair is taken from the back of the scalp and moved to the top of the head,” Dr. Shahmalak says.

Does it really matter that William is losing his hair? Being bald won’t affect his ability to be king one day. Kate obviously doesn’t care about his hairline. And there are a lot of hot bald guys in the spotlight, like Jason Statham, Patrick Stewart and the biggest badass of all, Samuel L. Jackson. But William is notoriously touchy about his thinning hair. No, it shouldn’t matter what he looks like, but if a hair transplant makes him feel better about himself, you couldn’t blame him for doing it. But hopefully, if he doesn’t get a hair transplant, he embraces the bald, because comb-overs are awful.

What do you think? Do you think William would look hot bald? Do you think he should get a hair transplant? Sound off in the comments!

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