Expert Says Katy Perry Made Right Choice Regarding Awards Show

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Katy Perry is nominated for seven People’s Choice Awards and fans were excited to see the star out since news broke of her divorce from Russell Brand. She hasn’t been seen or heard from much since the news broke last month and this was slated to be her first public appearance. However, she announced earlier this week that fans would have to wait a bit longer for her much-anticipated first appearance as she had decided not to attend the show.

Katy Perry 2011, 2While many people are disappointed (and slightly confused), an expert on image and branding says she made the right choice. Dan Schawbel told Celebuzz:

“Katy made the right move not going, even though she was nominated for seven awards, because she is undergoing personal issues right now and they would be exposed if she attended.”

It would have been nice to see Perry out having a good time, but maybe she just isn’t ready for any of that. Going through a divorce is hard, especially when it wasn’t necessarily expected. It is better for Perry to take all the time that she needs to focus on her personal issues rather than jump back into the spotlight.

2011 was a phenomenal year for Katy’s career and it is no surprise that she is nominated for so many awards. It would be great to see her snag a few wins.

What are your thoughts? Should Katy Perry have still attended the awards despite her personal issues, or is it good that she has opted out?

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