Experts: Kim Kardashian’s Confession of Marital Problems ‘Phony, Staged and Emotionless’!

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It’s already known that Kim Kardashian had this season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York re-edited so that, following her split from hubby of 72 days Kris Humphries, she would appear to be the “victim” and he would look like a “villain.” But is she really the villain for faking the whole thing?

Two leading body language experts tell that, in a scene from Sunday night’s episode in which Kim discusses her doomed relationship with her momager Kris Jenner, their interactions seem fake and rehearsed.

“[This seems] completely phony, staged and emotionless for someone who is not happy about a marriage,” Dr. Lillian Glass says of the scene. “Plus, Kris’ dialogue is just that like of a bad actress giving bad dialogue. There is too much pause time between the answers and her reaction shows no surprise and a matter of factness monotone — much like Kim’s indicative non-genuineness.”

Expert Patti Wood agrees, saying, “When Kim tells her mother, ‘I feel a sense of relief that I am here,’ her words don’t match her body language or her [vocal inflection]. Notice as she makes that statement how her torso doesn’t move, her eyes get big, and she looks tense. When someone says the word ‘relief’ they typically show a sign of relief, by either taking a breath, closing their eyes or relaxing their body. Kim does none of this. And she stresses the word relief like she is reading it from a script.”

The two experts are also suspicious of Kris Jenner’s reaction to the news.

“She is smiling while her daughter is sharing this terrible news,” Patti tells the website. “This is not normal. She isn’t leaning toward Kim to show her support or trying to comfort her in any way. You don’t even hear her gasp or act surprised when Kim shares this sad news about her marriage. Kris’ mouth looks tight like she is holding it together and like the whole interaction was planned.”

These phonies are probably incapable of real human emotion after all of their surgeries — check out these pics of Kim Kardashian trying to cry through the Botox. But it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this exchange is fake and was probably taped after the divorce announcement. Kris Humphries has alleged that the Kardashians’ reality shows are totally phony, and Kim would try to show herself in any flattering light possible in order to win the PR war. At this point, between the Kardashians’ media smear campaign against Kris to reports that Kim consulted divorce lawyers even before the wedding to phony reality-show scenes like this, it should be obvious to everyone that Kim was only using her marriage as a plotline to boost ratings.

What do you think? Did Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner fake that scene? Was Kim just using her sham relationship with Kris Humphries for ratings? Sound off in the comments!

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