Experts Predict ‘Bourne Legacy’ to Beat Batman: What About the False Advertising?

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Matt Damon might not be the Bourne hero now but that isn’t stopping experts from predicting that the movie will give a beating to Batman at the box office according to MTV.

MattDamonBU“Even without Matt Damon, ‘Bourne Legacy’ will definitely knock the Batman out of the box-office belfry,” box-office analyst Jeff Bock of Exhibitor Relations said on Friday.

In fact, Bock thinks Bourne will hit the $45 to $50 million mark this weekend when it opens.

That may be true, but what about the angry movie goers that think Matt Damon will be appearing in the anticipated flick due to Damon’s appearance in movie trailers, even if it is fleeting images?

What kind of box-office take will the men behind the sequel rake in after the word is spread that Damon isn’t in it? And isn’t the misleading movie trailers akin to false advertising?

The Dark Knight Rises might have had a bad opening night in Aurora, Colorado—and suffered movie ticket sales compared to its predecessor Dark Knight, but it is likely to bounce back to the No. 1 box office spot after Bourne Legacy fans figure out they’ve been led down a tricky advertising road without Matt Damon.

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