Expired Implanon?

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I posted this on another site and I’ve been up all night looking for the answer to this myself, but I just can’t seem to find it and no one is responding on the other site.

I have been on Implanon for three years. Actually on the 27th I will have been on it for three years and a month. I had a snafu with the health department when I made my appointment to have it taken out because of a snow day. And because of my moving, and also because of my cancer screenings they just keep avoiding the issue of taking it out. So, I figure, whatever. My boyfriend is trying to get a vasectomy which I’m not too pleased with him for, but it’s not my right to say anything about it and I know it’s his mother that is pushing for it really. I don’t want a child right now… and I don’t know if I will ever want one or be in a situation where it would be okay, it just feels wrong to purposely take that option away from yourself to me.

So about a year ago I did some research on Implanon and it said that if you left it in too long that you would make yourself infertile. Which I don’t like the sound of in the first place. But, I figured that if it would make me infertile then I have time between it being due to come out and my boyfriend getting the stupid vasectomy. So, I decided to just wait for him to do that so I don’t have to worry about what birth control to choose next.

So, February 27th it was due to come out. That was the exact 3 year marker of having it put in. And my boyfriend and I have not been careful AT ALL in the past 3 weeks. We have been basically treating it as business as usual and not worried at all. So, then I realize that even if I did accidentally become pregnant, I wouldn’t even know because I literally do not show any of the classic signs of pregnancy and the signs I do show are generally things that are often associated with other stuff too.

That’s when I hopped on the web for another looksee at the information out there about Implanon and wouldn’t you know? I come across more information, it MAY cause infertility, it MAY cause an ectopic pregnancy, it MAY just let you get pregnant business as usual. I saw information saying it MAY take you a week to get pregnant, or it MAY take you a year! But none of this information was on the Implanon website… the official website just assumes that you are getting it removed when you are supposed to get it removed.

So here I am a little worried… do I have anything to worry about? I don’t know… I wouldn’t be overjoyed to find out that I was pregnant… but I wouldn’t be angry either. I mean, I am not in a position right now to be getting pregnant… but I know if push came to shove I’d come through for any whoopsy offspring to the best of my ability. I know that my boyfriend always says that if an accident happened, he would not be angry with me and he would stay by my side and help me raise the child.

I don’t think I’m having any symptoms. I had a nose bleed this morning and down there is letting off a smell very strong to me. I haven’t done anything for 3 days and I know that I don’t have a yeast infection of any totally funky smelling disease down there. Other than that nothing. So, I’m not going to cry unsure pregnancy on this one.  That seems a bit far fetched.

However I really need to know what the chances are that this continued behavior will lead to pregnancy… and how long to you have before you have to start worrying. Anybody know?

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