Exploding iPhone Caught on Tape? (Video)

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A video posted to YouTube claims to have filmed an iPhone exploding in a user’s pocket. The footage is from a security camera, and looks a little suspect, but if it’s real, it’s the first time the rumored defect has ever been caught on tape.

The funny folks at SourceFed, a YouTube alternative news channel, lifted the clip below from the web, and as usual, they put their knuckleball spin on the footage.

They point out that the video, posted by a user from Europe, looks a bit staged. It’s supposedly taken from a security camera watching over a company parking lot and it does look a little funky.

In it, the user comes out of his car, and, as he walks into the office, smoke starts pouring out of his back pocket. Naturally, the guy pulls the object out of his pants and throws it to the ground, where it continues to go up in billowing flames.

The kicker? Since lifting footage from a CCTV is difficult, the action was re-filmed with a camera phone.

That’s right. On a (non-exploding) iPhone!

Here’s the video:

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