Exploding ‘Phoenix Lights’ Caught on Live TV (Video)

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Just days away from the mysterious “Phoenix Lights” 15th anniversary, a local FOX TV affiliate cut to a live traffic report web cam just as a bright flash of light exploded on the screen. What was it?

Despite being witnessed by everyone watching the live report, Phoenix officials haven’t been able to identify what caused the blast. An explosion that big should have been reported and heavy damage would be expected. How is that possible?

The latest “Phoenix Lights” mystery comes as the city gets ready to mark the 15th anniversary of a UFO sighting in 1997. Blasts of light were seen all around the area and were never explained. Could this be a case of one of those flashes being caught on tape?

In this news report recounting the incident, FOX 10 asks for help from the public to identify what caused the mysterious explosion of light. Has that ever happened before?

Here’s the video:

Do you have an explanation for this latest appearance of the Phoenix lights? Please leave a comment below.

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