Exploring the Everglades

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Yesterday my dad took us out to explore the Everglades. I had wanted to go for so long, but my husband absolutely refuses to set foot in an airport. Since my dad and his girlfriend is here to visit, I finally got my chance, and it sure was interesting.


On our way out to the Everglades from Miami, we were quickly met by burned trees, which could have been from last years wildfires. It was amazing to see how the only things that separated the outskirts of the city from the burned trees were a small canal and the small road leading out to the Everglades.




After a bit of research we decided that the Everglades Safari Park was the one that fit our needs the best. There are many parks that offer air boat rides in the Everglades and you can find them all the West Miami-Dade and Broward counties.






My dad had been on an airboat before up by Orlando on the big lake, but this was the first time for the rest of us, so we were all excited.



Our guide was a funny and very knowledgeable guy, so we did not have any complaints at all. I can advice anyone going on an airboat ride to bring ear plugs though, as they are very noisy, and they only offer toilet paper as remedy.



It was a very scenic tour, and we saw an amazing variety of animal and plant life.













We did see a few alligators on our trip, but I saved most of the photos for another photo essay, as I took so many photos.



It really was an amazing trip, and the feeling of the wind blowing in your face, while discovering the magnitude of this amazing place of our state was simply incredible, and I can highly recommend an airboat ride for anyone visiting South Florida.

If you have ever been on an airboat ride, where did you go?


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