Expressions We Know and Hate

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How many current common expressions exist that me and thee get sick of hearing? Some of them are so overused they have ceased to mean anything at all anymore. Surely there is more creative language that could be put to use


For me, one of these insanity-inducing expressions is “it is what it is.” Now it’s awfully hard for something to be what it isn’t, that’s true. We know that, though. Why not at least try to describe what it is instead of leaving it up to out fertile imaginations?

Another one is “if you will.” By God, perhaps I WON’T! Leave it up to the listener, and chances are he’s been a rebel his whole life and he won’t. It might be a good idea just to state that you have uttered your opinion. Explain your position if you want. Leaving it up to others whether they will is just asking for trouble.

I’m also sick of  the word “arguably” thrown in willy-nilly whenever one is expressing an opinion. You are perfectly allowed to own your opinion without inviting an argument about it. If you think a novel is the best ever, then for heaven’s sake just say so. 

Dear reader, feel free to jump in and suggest your own personal vomit-inducing phrases. IF you will! Okay, well “whatever.”

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