Extended ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 7 Finale Preview: A Loved One in Danger?

Criminal Minds season 7 comes to an end this week with the final two episodes, 23, “Hit,” and 24, “Run.” The team will be dealing with bank-robbing serial killers, and someone very close to one of them could end up in serious danger.

CM Season 7 Episodes 23 “Hit” and 24 “Run” Promo

A shorter promo aired after last week’s episode teasing the bank robbery and an explosion, but now there’s a longer, extended preview that CBS has released showing just who may be in danger in this big season finale. However, considering some spoilers that have been released, is there any reason to even worry?

The extended Criminal Minds season 7 finale promo for episodes 23 and 24, “Hit and Run” (below), does give some more background on the unsubs of the episode, as Hotch explains, “Seven bank robberies. They’ve killed one person at each robbery.” This is the voiceover while the team—and Will (Josh Stewart)—walk towards the scene. It’s Rossi who notices that “somebody else is watching” as one of the robbers puts on lipstick for the camera. Hotch says it’s “her real partner.” Who is this “real partner?” Is this the person who perhaps blows up the bank?

Morgan has to physically hold JJ back as Will walks toward the bank. He can’t be inside when the bank explodes, right? Considering the episode is slated to end with a wedding and not only are JJ and Will the only ones in a place in their relationship where getting married makes sense, but also no one would be in a wedding mood if one of the team just lost someone they loved, it seems likely he’s not inside.

What do you think of the latest Criminal Minds season 7 episodes 23 and 24 preview for the finale, “Hit” and “Run”?

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