Extended ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer Hits the Web – Will You Go See It? (Video)

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The first trailer for the Green Lantern movie is out and it brings hope for all downtrodden DC Comics Super Heroes everywhere. Green Lantern (played by Ryan Reynolds) has never gotten the same attention other DC characters have. Maybe because he was lampooned from the start by a Batman rip off show that forever set the character as a goofy anti-hero. But that’s about to change…

If this trailer is any indication then DC can expect a big fat giant hit with a swaggering everyman Reynolds unexpectedly thrust into a battle for the future of the Universe.

By coming upon the crash site of a Green Lantern guardian and taking over his protectorate duties (by virtue of wielding the Green Lantern – a magic ring that bestows super powers) average Joe turned universal hero Hal Jordan takes up the challenge to protect little old Earth from the destructive forces wielded by the evil alien Parallax.

Enough said. See for yourself. This villain will give you nightmares. Even as we chuckle along with the folksy jokes that have become a Ryan Reynolds specialty.

Looks like a new Super Hero has been born. Again…



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