‘Extra’s’ Maria Menounos Becomes Pussycat Doll

Maria Menounos certainly has the face and figure of a Pussycat Doll. What wasn’t known for certain, however, was if she possessed the talent. Now that question’s been put to rest.

Maria followed in the footsteps of some Hollywood powerhouse performers like Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johansson in her Pussycat Doll quest. But did she outshine the likes of hot and steamy Kim Kardashian? See for yourself, here. She’s looking pretty good.

Of course, Maria had some help in bringing out her sexy kitten goddess. The Doll’s very own choreographer, Robin Antin, prepared her every step of the way for “Moonlight With Maria.” The special segment of Extra raised a lot of eyebrows for sure, but it also proved that sexy is still in and Maria Menounos fits the word completely!

She performed a routine with some of the Dolls. Although she wasn’t as blatantly sexy as her new friends, no doubt her fans liked her quieter, more smoldering sex appeal.

Good job, Maria Menounos.

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