“Extreme Couponing”, is it the truth or just a myth?

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­­­Last Sunday I sat down to read with delight all the new

information about the show called “Extreme

Couponing”. I was really surprised to see that most of

the stores that let the show be filmed in are really just

doing it because of the free publicity of their store. It

seems that when actual shoppers in the town of a certain

store noticed that they were doubling coupons for the

show. But when the shoppers enquired about doubled

coupons the store manager told them that they only did

that for the show. It was free publicity for the store &

they turned their heads when it came to store policies of

not doubling coupons. It was also found that the store

has a policy that limits the amount of coupons you can

use with each order and that the number of items that

can be purchased with coupons also has a limit on it.

Shoppers of that particular store were upset & were told

that the only reason they didn’t limit the “Extreme

Couponing” is they agreed to be part of the show so they

just turned their heads. If anyone wants to check this out

you can go to


See for yourself what really happened at the store & the

taping of it. So let us not beat ourselves up that we

cannot seem to do as well as the “Extreme Couponing”

people do because this is like a reality show. We all

know that reality shows have to have certain things set

up for them to work.

What do you think?  Is it the truth or a myth?


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