‘Extreme Couponing’ Perry & Melissa Recap

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For once, TLC treated Extreme Couponing viewers to a nice episode. It featured a vegan couponer and a couponing pair who donates food to the Ronald McDonald House.

The first woman on the show was Perry. She is a tatted up woman who wanted to save enough money to get started on a new tattoo. She has a unique dilemma when couponing. She and her family members are vegans. Just that alone effectively cuts out the majority of coupons available, as she is unable to use many of the frozen meal coupons, as well as any coupon that is for a product that has dairy-based or meat-based ingredients. Her trip is a success, and she heads to the tattoo parlor to get her newest tat started. She credits her success to Couponers Anonymous and being very organized.

Melissa had a child who was born premature. As a result, she spent some time living in the Ronald McDonald House while her baby was in the NICU. She vowed to help the RMH through her extreme couponing. She takes her coupon-skeptic brother with her to go shopping. Their trip is a huge success, and Melissa made a large donation to the RMH. This was such a special moment. The RMH allows families the comforts of home—one of which is being able to make food when they feel like it. Can you imagine how many parents are being blessed by Melissa’s help?

Next week on Extreme Couponing, viewers meet Joel, a 16-year-old couponer, and Katherine, who is working on a big haul so she can take a 6-month break from extreme couponing.

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