‘Extreme Couponing': TLC’s Latest Reality Series is Major Hit

Extreme Couponing is TLC’s latest reality series and is already quickly becoming a major hit with fans. The show centers around people who make others wait for them in grocery store lines TLC Logo.svgwhile they take out dozens of coupons to save a pretty penny.

Extreme Couponing is also a look at the addictive nature some of these people have towards collecting their coupons. One of the women being featured on Wednesday’s 9 P.M. premiere episode is Tiffany Ivanofsky, a mother of seven who has been able to get “$600 worth of items in multiple basketsÂ… [while] spending less than $20.”

Speaking about the time allotted to her coupons, Ivanofsky said, “A lot of people don’t find the time for couponing. My husband and I have full-time jobs. … Everybody can do it. … If you want to save a thousand dollars a month – nothing is free – you have to put your time into it.”

It looks like TLC has found itself another rising hit. Extreme Couponing is sure to make some people venture into the world of coupons, even if it is to save just a few dollars here and there. However, the question is will it turn any normal coupon cutters into extreme couponers? Who knows?

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