Extreme Guatemala Sinkhole Shocks World [PHOTOS]

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Tropical storm Agatha swept through Guatemala City today, leaving behind an enormous and surreal looking sinkhole. The sinkhole happened suddenly, and there have been no reported casualties. A sinkhole is a natural depression or deep hole in the earth that occurs when water removes soil and bedrock over time. Sinkholes can go undetected until it is too late, like the Guatemala sinkhole. In this case, the tropical storm initiated a disaster that was inevitable. Sinkholes vary in depth; the Guatemala sinkhole is incredibly deep and its depth has not yet been measured. In fact, it is so deep that initially photos sparked cries that they were photoshopped. The photos are actually official pictures released by the Guatemalan government. The hole is devastating to that area of the city…one can only imagine how they will cover something of that size! It looks infinite. See for yourself:

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