‘Extreme Makeover Home Edition’ Recap: The Johnson-Goslee Family Live in Wyzhir’s Dream

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On Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Ty and crew cruise to Maryland to help out the Johnson-Goslee family.

The reason this family was picked is because one of their kids was helping to improve his family’s bedraggled home when the 16-year-old lost his left hand during an accident. Apparently, Wyzhir was using a special saw when the sleeve of his coat was caught in the mechanical contraption and doctors couldn’t help him.

Despite the fact that this boy, who wants a career as an interior designer, had endured such a tragedy, Wyzhir is still an extremely upbeat person, not only wearing a prosthetic hand but also wearing a disarming smile at all times, one that is contagious to everyone he meets.

He is also kind of heart, and so not only does he deal with his disability with grace and good cheer, he also gives to others, mentoring at his high school to raise money to bring back the glory of an educational institution that was built in the 1880s.

This Extreme Makeover Home Edition kid is in good company with the rest of his family, which includes his mom, Patrice, his sister Renee, and his aunt Sonora. But it is Wyzhir who wants his clan to live in a better environment, and so he asked for help from Ty and his crew—and they answered his wishes by showing up and getting to work.

But they aren’t the only ones who get to work. In fact, this is the first time on Extreme Makeover Home Edition during which the person who asks for help helps to make his own dream come true. Wyzhir is asked to contribute to the rebuilding process, and so he does—with gusto.

But not only does this teen help on his own project, he also helps others in the community as well, getting Ty, Michael, Paige, Ed, Johnny, The Fusion Companies, and a vast number of volunteers busy as they do good deeds, including designing and installing a railing for a neighbor who has trouble getting into and out of her house.

Meanwhile, the main project is taking place in full force, transforming an abode that has been in the Johnson-Goslee family for 80 years but that has fallen into extreme disrepair despite all the work Wyzhir did—and still does—to make this a better place to live.

And finally, after the beneficiaries of this renovation head off to Santa Barbara, California, for a big adventure, the day comes when this Home Edition house is ready for its occupants.

After the Johnson-Goslee arrive and shout the signature line of “move that bus” with Ty by their side, this family is awestruck by the sight of their new and very blue home. The paved walkway leading to the front door is flanked by lush landscaping, while the entry and living room is complete with extremely high ceilings, an extreme contrast to the old home which had ceilings that were so low a tall person could probably put up his or her hands and touch them.

Family photos and modern art now hang on the wall, the avant-garde dining room table is surrounded by clever recycled chairs made of seat belts, and the kitchen is huge and current, totally unlike what had existed in its former incarnation.

As for the bedrooms, Renee, who wants to be a police officer, is given a special secret control panel in hers, one from which she can monitor the house at all times. Patrice is given amazing sleeping quarters, with a draped canopy bed and a vast closet. Her bathroom is even more astounding, up to and including its glorious chandelier.

Meanwhile, Aunt Sonora has been gifted black walls which she absolutely loves (they look great!) and her own huge closet.

As for Wyzhir?

His retreat in the house he helped to revive is cutting-edge and then some. There’s a dresser where he can store his prosthetic arm and a state-of-the-art design studio with a computerized projector onto which he can create whatever his imagination allows him to create.

And so, at the end of this Extreme Makeover Home Edition two-hour extravaganza, those immortal words are spoken. Welcome home, Johnson-Goslee family, welcome home.

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