‘Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition’ – Chris Powell Huddles With James

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On Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, Monday’s participant is so heavy he can’t even fit through a typical doorway. So, in order for James to go from one room to another, he must face sideways to force his huge form through. Not a good way to live.

Still, James lives as best he can. After getting so big he can no longer play football (his chosen profession), this high achiever became a real geek, spending hours sitting at a computer eating fast food. He is also a power lifter, and that’s just what he is doing when Chris Powell meets James for the first time.

Dropping the extreme weights he is holding, this super obese man joins the amazing transformation expert in Los Angeles for preliminary work needed for an Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition epic makeover.

Once in LA, James weighs in at 651 pounds. And he does this on a freight scale because nobody over 400 pounds can be accurately weighed any other way.

After the realization of just how big the 26-year-old James had grown, Chris Powell speaks the truth. He tells weight loss subject James that he must drop a massive number of pounds to ensure a long and happy life.

So, as the two begin their Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition journey together in harmony, this former football player often becomes combative. But he also is a hard worker who does not give up.

So, after undergoing a physical (James learns he is borderline diabetic), Chris Powell returns to Texas with this home weight loss candidate where he stocks the subject’s refrigerator, replacing unhealthy food with healthy food. He also has James’ home redesigned to include appropriate exercise equipment easily accessible for expedient use.

For three months, Chris Powell lives with James until the obese athlete loses (or tries to lose) 150 pounds in the first phase of this year-long process.

Not one to shy away from a goal, James surpasses the first one on Monday’s Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition — He loses 154 pounds. Then he gains a bike, something this young man treasures, as riding has always been a favorite pastime for James.

Sadly, after this happy moment, a sad one follows as James is diagnosed with pneumonia, which means a week’s stay in the hospital. After being released, the determined reality TV personality loses his momentum because his recovery takes a long time. At the six-month point, he finds out he has only lost 11 more pounds.

To spur him on, Chris takes James to a football field to take on some professional players, two of whom happen to be former Super Bowl champions. To say the least, the workouts are rigorous and they leave James wanting to hit his goal weight more than ever.

From that point forward on this episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, James excels. At his final weigh-in in front of both his family and his friends, this former football player walks into a huge stadium so everyone can feast their eyes on this true winner.

For James, the weight loss transformation is complete. The last formal reading on a regular scale reveals that this Chris Powell client now weighs 338 pounds. That means he has lost a whopping 313 pounds. Again, he gains something from all this: This time, Chris awards James with two Super Bowl tickets.

That’s a great prize, but not as great as making the grade on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. Did you watch this episode showing James’ journey? Did his story inspire you?

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