‘Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition’ Premiere Recap

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Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition debuted last night after The Bachelorette on ABC. For a summer replacement show, this program was refreshing in its approach to finding a healthy balance on the scales and in life.

Not your typical quick makeover, Weight Loss Edition delves into one person’s issues for an entire year. That person is considered not merely morbidly obese, but super obese–200 pounds more than he or she should weigh in order to lead a normal life. Or, to put it another way (as ABC promos do), this Extreme Makeover is for individuals too overweight to be considered for other TV shows like The Biggest Loser.

Such was the case for first contestant Rachel, who took part in a program of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition that lasted an entire year. At 369 pounds (and 221 pounds overweight), this 21-year-old physical education teacher was privy to trainer Chris Powell’s expertise for 12 months, both in her home and on the road.

And that road was long and winding as this year-long journey plays out over an hour’s time on ABC when Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition follows this first of eight individuals featured this first season.

Rachel’s main dilemma is that in her family, she is the only one who is overweight. This is an emotional trigger for the high achiever who has won lots of trophies and awards for athletics, yet can’t be proud of any of these prizes because of the way she looks and feels.

Enter Chris Powell, who literally moves into her tiny house to teach her how to live, both literally and emotionally. He tells her how and what to eat, how to train, and how to interact with her parents as they continue to eat what they want while she takes on a special diet. While at first they are on board, the family turns out to be a bad motivator at the end of Chris’ three-month stay, and so he needs to address them about how Rachel’s weight loss effort will be thwarted if each person doesn’t do his or her part.

Throughout the show, Rachel is given a reward each time she reaches a weight loss goal, the first being a trip to Greece with her brother after dropping a whopping 89 pounds.

But the struggle on Weight Loss Edition was downhill from there. In fact, at one seminal point of weigh in, this contestant only lost three pounds over three months.

Then, near the end of show one, Rachel was still struggling to get to the right weight level so she would be a fit candidate for skin removal surgery. Falling short by three pounds, she was just barely approved for the procedure. And this procedure was only the start of Rachel’s struggle to get healthy and fit.

Three months following surgery and as Rachel continued to exercise and eat right, she was ready for her reveal. So, in front of family and friends, this first Extreme Weight Loss candidate took part in her final weigh in, looking like a different person as everyone found out she had lost 161 pounds over the course of 365 days while working with Chris Powell.

This is just a peek into the way Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition works. But, by judging from the first show, it does work.

Did you see Rachel grapple with such a big weight loss issue? Will you watch this show again as seven other candidates do (or try to do) as Rachel did? Will you watch as each struggles and achieve under the keen eye of trainer Chris Powell? Thoughts? Thanks.

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