Extreme Poodles New on TLC

If you’re a dog lover, you may not want to tune in to TLC’s new show Extreme Poodles. If you do want to check it out, the show premieres Sunday, June 13 at 9:00 and if nothing else, it sure will be interesting.

Extreme Poodles takes a look at the world of competitive poodle grooming. Now me, I didn’t even know they had contests for things like this, but I’m not really surprised. Unlike a dog show, this show is interested in seeing the wildest, most creative grooming a contestant has to offer. That means turning your poodle into a buffalo, and camel, a lion, or maybe he prefers roller skating!

Watching the clip from the series, I felt a little outraged. It’s like when those moms on Toddler and Tiaras dress their kids in inappropriate clothes for a pageant. I get the glitz and I can deal with coloring a dog’s coat, but putting wheels under his feet, adding extensions, weaving in feathers. . . that’s a bit too much.

These have to be the most patient dogs around because they literally stand for way more than I could handle. I will admit that some of the results are pretty amazing, like the buffalo poodle. . . Here’s a clip from the show. What do you think? Good, harmless fun or are these people going overboard?

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