Extreme Weather: Anvil Cloud Lightning Sparks UFO Debate (Video)

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An extreme weather video posted to YouTube produces awe at the power of nature, but is also igniting an old debate: do UFOs hide in clouds?

It’s a natural conclusion, one that even the ancients drew. Lightning from the clouds was often construed as anger from the Gods. But in the modern world, especially thanks to Steven Spielberg, such anvil-shaped clouds are thought, in some circles, to be camouflaging extraterrestrials and their UFOs.

What’s interesting, and awe-inspiring, about this video is the clear blue sky surrounding the anvil hammerhead cloud. It’s startling to see such fierce electrical activity on an otherwise cloudless day.

Usually, when a lightning storm erupts, the bolts from the blue come from all around, not one centrally located spot. It’s a testament to the power of the natural world that the conditions are ripe for such majesty emanating from a single, threatening cloud head.

No wonder the ancients interpreted such extreme weather in the only way they could. And it’s easier to understand, in the modern world, why some would argue that clouds like these must be hiding UFOs and visitors from another world.

The comments in the video channel are sprinkled with such pronouncements as “The truth is revealing it?self” and questioning why there are no thunderclaps.

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Mother Nature? Or Mothership?

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