Extreme Weather Plagues Texas on First Day of Spring

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Parts of southwestern Texas are on extreme weather and tornado watch Monday night, according to the National Weather Service.

As the first day of Spring 2012 dawns in the Southwest, there are widespread advisories warning residents that the unusual weather patterns experienced over the winter months will likely continue.

Meteorologists are predicting less flooding through the Plains States, largely due to rainfall and not a melting of the snow pack.

But the respite from the annual flood jitters may be replaced by increasingly extreme weather activity and an increase in deadly tornadoes.

So far this year, major storms have killed nearly 40 people nationwide.

Residents around San Antonio and as far north as Oklahoma are being warned of strengthening winds and are on the lookout for tornadoes until the early morning hours.

So it looks like the mild weather over the winter was a short-lived blessing, even in the southern states. If a milder-than-usual winter means a wilder-than-usual summer, the nation is in for a record-breaking 2012, weather-wise.

Here’s today’s NOAA extreme weather report:

What do you think? Is it better to have a mild winter than a cool summer?

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