Eyes of the Sun, by Andrea Pearson (our very own Gather writer), book review

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I must be a child at heart because I’m hooked on Andrea’s fast moving sci-fi series, Kilenya. Eyes of the Sun appears to be the next to last of her series, and I understand that the last is soon to be published.

In this series, Jacob is still learning to use and control his powers under the tutelage of Azuriah, a Shiengol, in preparation for war being brought by the powerful, money hungry Lorkons. Jacob being part Shiengol, part Lorkon, along with a mixture of others, and prince of his people is the only one that has the powers needed to defeat the Lorkon, But he’s still a teenager and has a lot to learn in a few short months. The Lorkons are amassing an army and on their way to capture Jacob and two keys: the Key of Kilenya and the Key of Ayunli. The Lorkon will destroy whatever gets in their way. With these keys, they can not only take over their own planet, but also Earth.

My grandson is eleven, and I plan on buying this series for him—he’ll love it. For me, I’m anxiously waiting for the last of the series to be published. Will the Lorkons win, or will Jacob find a way to save his people?


Five stars for a wonderful novel!

Here’s a link to  Eyes of the Sun

Here’s a link to Andrea’s Amazon page.

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