Face in the Clouds ‘Looks Down on Everyone’ (Photo)

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12-year-old Florida girl Maddy Peyton took a picture of the sky, and when she showed it to her father, he realized it revealed what looks like a kindly face in the clouds. As Ronald Peyton puts it, it’s a face “looking down on everyone” and should be taken as a sign from the heavens. But what’s the message?

These kind of photos have been published before, and usually it’s claimed to be the face of God or any number of other deities. Occasionally the likeness to someone famous is so uncanny, it seemed that Lincoln or Ghandi, or even Babe Ruth was still putting on a show for their admirers. Just from a bigger stage.

But this face in the clouds doesn’t look like the classic representation of Jesus or any other benevolent historical figure. If anything, it looks like Santa Claus is either way too early, or way too late. Maybe it’s the Mayans, rehearsing for Doomsday 2012?

It’s kind of nice that this face doesn’t look like any person, dead or alive. That means the whole world can see who they want to see.

A face in the clouds looking down on everyone.

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