‘Face Off’ Contestants Vie For A Pirate Booty

This week, the Face Off contestants vied for a chance to continue in the competition as well as for a $5,000 pirate “booty”. To win, they got tasked with creating a pirate who’d become “one with the sea”.

Before receiving their challenge information, each contestant drew a key from a box delivered to their joint home. Once they met with show host, McKenzie Westmore, aboard a replicated pirate ship, they discovered their key would open a chest on the ship. Inside the chest was something they had to use in the makeup of their Spotlight Challenge.

Spotlight Challenge

Alana drew crabs as her item, while C.C. found barnacles inside of her chest. Derek found netting in his chest while brother Erik got lucky with a spy glass. Jason wasn’t pleased to find common jewels in his chest but Laura took her shells as a challenge. Nicole worried about how she’d join a ship in a bottle with her makeup as did Rod with his seahorses. However, Roy immediately came up with an idea for using his assigned daggers and Sarah was only momentarily thrown by her sea urchins. Tommy thought his sea kelp held promise.

After sketching out their designs, the artists returned to the studio to begin sculpting and making their molds. Judge Ve Neill joined them about mid-way through the process to take at look at their progress. She seemed impressed with Roy’s female pirate who stored daggers inside her own body. She fell in love with Sarah’s costume and overall idea and was eager to see the finished results. However, she worried that Nicole’s gender switch (from female to male) could prove problematic for the artist.

Rod worked with a handicap after injuring his wrist during last week’s Star Wars challenge. Nicole seemed uncertain and flustered throughout much of the competition. Her fellow artists tried to encourage her and help her as much as they could. Tommy’s sea kelp wig didn’t fit his male model as planned so he had to make changes to his original design. Still, all the artists finished their projects before time was up.

Judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page paid close attention to the characters as they passed by. Once all of them got introduced, the judges moved in for a closer look.

The judges felt Eric missed the chance to do something different with the spy glass. Instead, he tried a steam pump design that was both inferior in design and poorly executed.

Roy’s dagger pirate impressed the judges who found the image “cool” and “unique”. They raved about the artist’s “clever ideas” and “beautiful use of color”. They called his work “impressive”.

Jason’s design failed to embrace the use of his assigned jewels, which angered the judges. They called his makeup “lackluster” and “just plain bad” and said he attempted “little character” development.

C.C.’s barnacle pirate got deemed “fake looking”. The judges said the artist appeared directionless in her work.

Everyone loved Sarah’s costume and makeup. They particularly liked the special effect of urchin goo seeping out of the body’s prosthetics. They loved “the rhythm and flow” of the work and the “haunting color palette”; saying the artist “did not disappoint”.

Laura’s shell creƤture impressed because the judges felt she created something that carried from “head to toe”. They liked the silhouette, the colors and the makeup.

The rest of the artists — Alana, Derek, Nicole, Rod and Tommy got sent to safety. The top three artists of the week were Laura, Roy and Sarah. The bottom three were C.C., Eric and Jason.

The winner of this week’s Face Off challenge was Sarah. Her beautiful use of color, her assigned object and her carry-through from makeup to costume was worthy of the win.

The loser was C.C., who unfortunately got sent up to pack her kit and go home. It was the right choice. Her makeup was inferior, looked fake and haphazard.

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