‘Face Off’ Names Its Final Three Finale Contestants

Face Off continued its quest to find of the next big name in make-up this week. It narrowed five talented semi-finalists down to the three who will complete in next week’s finale. Here’s how they did it.

In a surprise field trip, the artists visited the Museum of Natural History. Once there, host McKenzie Westmore laid out their challenge — to create a dinosaur-human hybrid.

Some of the contestants knew instantly which dinosaur they wanted to use. Sue chose one that offered a lot of color. Ian opted for the triceratops because it was his favorite dinosaur. Others made choices based on the character they wanted to develop. R.J. went with the velociraptor for creating a rapper. Rayce made his choice based on his wish to successfully merge the two species.

Matt got off to a quick start, developing lots of pieces for his deity dinosaur. R.J. fumbled when his first few attempts at sculpting yielded creatures that looked too much like something he’d done before. Rayce worried about his latex scales, much of which stuck to the mold.

Only Ian and Sue seemed confident about their creations going into the last few minutes. It wasn’t until she saw the other completed characters that Sue began to doubt herself. Ian struggled in the end with how best to pad his character, finally deciding not to go overboard.

Sue’s skater girl dinosaur represented girl power. While judge Ve Neill appreciated the intent, the male judges were less than impressed. They called the character “cool” and said it had “good colors” but also said it was a bit “too colorful”. While it deemed “cute” and “whimsical”, the judges agreed they expected more.

R.J.’s rapper dinosaur passed the judges closest looks. They loved the way the artist did the mouth, saying it had “edge.” They called the overall effect “successful”.

Matt’s dinosaur deity failed to please. While some judges liked the chest plate, others felt the fake armour left little of the dinosaur visible. Others loved the facial exoskeleton, wishing the artist had carried it throughout the piece. Some felt Matt missed the challenge by creating something that looked more of a demon than a dinosaur. One suggested the artist had “over extended” himself.

Ian’s Island of Dr. Moreau triceratops was a huge hit. The judges loved the headpiece and the way the mouth articulated. The only complaint came from one judge who wished the artist had added more padding to develop the chest. The only other complaint was that more paint could have better finished the character.

Rayce’s dinosaur female got hailed as “successful” and “truly impressive”. The judges appreciated how he incorporated the shape of the dinosaur into the character’s spine. It truly made her look like a hybrid. The only complaint had to do with the character’s wardrobe.

Three artists made into the top three. They became the people who would compete in next week’s finale. Those three consisted of Ian, R.J. and Rayce. The winner of the challenge was Rayce.

Matt and Sue landed in the bottom two. That ended their journey to become the next great make-up star.

The Face Off finale is Wednesday, March 13, at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy Channel.

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