‘Face Off’ Premieres with a New Judge and a New Night

Sy Fy Channel’s hit show, Face Off, premiered last night with new competitors, a new judge and a brand new night. Lord of the Rings actor, Sean Astin joined in the fun as a guest judge for the first Foundation Challenge.

Foundation Challenge

The makeup artists got tasked with creating an original face makeup that incorporated at least one item from their welcome party. Some rose to the challenge while others fell short. C.C. Childs decided on a reptilian creäture that was beautiful and serene. Derek Garcia created an enchanting, ethereal makeup using bird of paradise. Derek’s brother, Eric, developed a tiger-like face that was fierce and beautiful. Laura Tyler went for a half jungle cat, half garden creäture that was stunning to behold. Nicole Chilelli’s jungle warrior hit the mark. Roy Wooley’s human bird passed muster as did Tommy Pietch’s god of tropical life. The rest of the contestants squeaked by.

Sean Astin chose brothers Derek and Eric Garcia as his top two picks. When forced to narrow it down to one, Sean gave the challenge to Eric.

After finding their home for the competition, the contestants settled in to get some rest before the follow day’s Spotlight Challenge.

Spotlight Challenge

Matthew Wood, a Lucas Films Collaborator joined host, McKenzie Westmore for the next challenge. They announced the artists would create creatures worthy of the famous Star Wars Cantina Scene.

Contestants got divided into teams of two. They included the following: Alana and Nicole, CC and Derek, Joe and Tommy, Laura and Sarah, Roy and Rod and Erick and Jason. The teams winners of the challenge would get their work featured on the Star Wars website.

Roy and Rod quickly settled on a complicated makeup that involved making a mechanical exoskeleton for their tiny, fat creäture. Alana and Nicole decide to make a warrior woman. Joe and Tommy opted for a female body-guard. CC and Derek went for a jazzy musician. Eric and Jason decided to create a bounty hunter with martial arts skills. Laura and Sarah settled on a party girl waitress.

Most of the teams worked well together. However, Joe insisted on belittling his younger partner, Tommy. He bullied and bashed the other makeup artist into submission. Then he kept swiping at him just for fun. However, the real problem was he wouldn’t listen to Tommy’s ideas in spite of the fact his were clearly inferior.

Judge Patrick Tatopolis visited with the artists mid stream to gage how they were doing. He thought Roy’s and Rod’s project was “ambitious” and seemed to see the finished product. He told C.C. and Derek their sculpting was “impressive”. He worried that Alana’s and Nicole’s concept was “too complex.”

Nicole and Alana quickly fell behind in time and depended upon Rod to help catch them up. Even then, they waited the last-minute to paint, nearly exceeding the time limit.

With the creatures done, judges Glenn Hetrick of Optic Nerve Studios; Ve three-time Oscar winner for special effects, Ve Neill, and Patrick settled in to judge. They introduced the man who’d take Patrick’s place while he was filming a new 300 film — Neville Page.

After looking at all the creatures and examining them closely, Jason and Eric and Nicole and Alana got sent to safety. The remaining contestants represented the best and the worst of the day.

The judges called Laura and Sarah’s makeup the “cleanest”. They loved the creature’s profile and colors. They also liked that the artists carried the bone lines down to the wrists.

The judges were not impressed with Derek and C.C.’s dessert creäture. They hated the red color, saying it didn’t allow for a good view of the makeup.

Tommy’s and Joe’s creation job drew the harshest critiques. They judges called the work “unacceptable” and the mistakes “inexcusable”. One judge called it “offensive”.

Roy’s and Rod’s mechanical creäture drew the most praise. It got labeled “creative” and “ambitious”. The judges loved the concept as well as the execution.

Roy and Rod won the challenge. Tommy and Joe were clear losers. However, since Joe left the set during deliberation, he got disqualified. That meant Tommy remained safe for one more week of Face Off.

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