‘Face Off’ Promotes the Video Game ‘Dishonored’ With Character Creations

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This week, the artists of Face Off created characters that could fit into the video game Dishonored. However, first they had to complete a Foundation Challenge.

Foundation Challenge

This week, the creƤture makers created a beauty makeup. Their models dressed in avant-garde outfits meant to serve as inspiration for the facial makeup.

Most of the contestants did all right. However, as he predicted, Rod’s beauty makeup was anything but beautiful. It became clear he knew nothing about that side of his craft.

Tommy impressed by using the pattern of the dress to create a matching one on the face. The only complaint was he didn’t include the blue of the model’s shoes.

Derek mirrored the color of his model’s dress in the makeup. He also managed to chisel a new facial look for her using just makeup.

Roy’s use of his model’s mechanically inspired garment was unique. He continued the outfit up to the face. It was beautifully fluid which is why he won the challenge and immunity from elimination.

Spotlight Challenge

For their elimination challenge, the artists were given characters from Dishonored to serve as inspiration for their designs. The characters included caretakers City Watch, Aristocrats, Thugs and Weepers who cry tears of blood. They got advised to exaggerate their designs.

Once sketches got completed, the artists headed back to the studio to sculpt and mold. Judge Glenn Hetrick joined them to get a feel for their concepts and to offer suggestions.

Glenn liked Roy’s character, particularly the mutton chops on the face. Derek’s big jaw line impressed but he urged the artist not to go too far overboard. Laura’s Weeper drew his attention because she intended to include a mechanical device that would produce the blood tears.

While things went well for many of the contestants, Tommy struggled with his character’s arms. At one point, he broke the mold, creating holes throughout. Nonetheless, he managed to get something out with which he could work. He even spent an hour of his time helping Sarah mold hands for her character.

Laura struggled with her blood tubing. However, she eventually got it under control.

Alana’s arms didn’t come out as she wanted. She decided to ditch them. That left her worried whether a single character head would be enough to appease the judges.

Once the makeup was complete, the video game creatures appeared on stage and then stood for the judges to get a closeup view. Immediately, the judges seemed displeased with Alana’s weird character and questioned if it even fit into the game. Laura’s character neither impressed nor disappointed. Still, the work of the two girls was enough to earn them safety. Since Roy had immunity, he got sent to safety as well.

Two contestants came on top while two fell in the bottom. The judges disapproved of Tommy’s Thug, especially the arms, which were duct-tapped on to the model. They called his sculpting “poor” and put his coloring in the same class. They said he didn’t make smart choices and there was nothing exaggerated about his character.

Also in the bottom was Sarah with a strange-looking Aristocrat. She also got slammed for poor sculpting, which resulted in unrealistic looking skin. The judges noted several “anatomical inaccuracies” with her work. They said she lost her vision and simply “didn’t do enough.”

Rod’s interesting Aristocrat captured the judge’s attention. Ve Neill was especially happy that what he did differed from everything he’d shown before. All the judges liked the back story of how glass got lodged into his character’s skin. The only complaint was that the head was larger than the body. They wanted to see the body bulked a bit more.

Derek’s Thug stood out not only because of its exaggerated features, but because of the details in his work. The judges appreciated his ethnicity swap as well. The only complaint was that the character’s arm was perhaps a bit too big.

The winner of this week’s Face Off challenge was Derek; leaving Rod safe for another week too. The loser was Tommy, who consistently put out unfinished products that disappointed the judges.

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