‘Face Off’ Tackles Superheroes and Their Sidekicks

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This week the contestants of Face Off tackled superheroes and their sidekicks. Last year’s show winner, Race, introduced the Spotlight Challenge. He did that after host, McKenzie Westmore, divided the group into teams of two: Derek and Sarah, Jason and Rod, Tommy and Laura and Alana and Roy.

Each team chose the vehicle their superhero would likely use. Choices included Alana and Roy’s tricked-out Dodge Charger; Derek and Sarah’s motorcycle with sidecar; Jason and Rod’s Tatra 87 and Laura and Tommy’s Humber Pig.

Once sketches got completed, the teams headed back to the studio to begin preparing their characters. Jason and Rod settled on the theme of “brains and brawn”. Since their Tatra 87 evoked richness, they posited that the car’s passenger was the brains while his driver and sidekick was the brawn.

Alana and Roy went with a female superhero named Fire. The daughter of the devil, her driver and sidekick is a demon named Chaos who likes unleashing trouble upon the world.

Laura and Tommy went military figures as the sidekick and driver. The superhero was a female alien with whom the male had fallen love.

Sarah and Roy chose a theme of Indiana Jones meets Batman, where neither character had extraordinary super powers.

Rod and Jason got off to a slow start with Rod unsatisfied with the direction his sculpture was taking. Roy worried that Alana’s sculpting was too detailed and wouldn’t be done in time. She eventually agreed and started over with a new design.

At about the halfway point, judge Ve Neill came in to take a look at the designs. She cautioned Rod that his character looked no different from those he’d done before. She advised him to switch things up to avoid elimination.

Ve also advised caution with Sarah’s female superhero’s facial scar. She worried it would detract from the character’s beauty.

Out of the group, Ve felt Alana and Roy were the most cohesive. She also liked the direction Laura and Tommy were taking but wasn’t sure the two designs would end up looking like they went together.

As things wrapped up for the day, Roy had to deal with a broken arm mold; Rod had to redo his character’s face while Tommy burnt the foam on his. With all those troubles, the contestants worried if they could finish in time.

Luckily they did and all the teams went forward to judging. This week the judging panel added actor, writer and director Kevin Smith to their group.

Once the judges viewed all the characters from a distance and up close, they asked the artists questions about their designs. Then they divided the teams into the top and bottom.

In the top fell Laura and Tommy and Alana and Roy. The bottom included Derek and Sarah and Jason and Rod.

The judges liked Laura’s alien superhero. She provided a “complete makeup” from head to toe that was “beautiful, striking in color and style” and “well done”. However, they were less impressed with Tommy’s character. They pointed out flaws on the face and sloppiness of the complete package.

The judges didn’t think Jason’s nor Rod’s characters worked. They didn’t understand the concept behind them and felt the use of silicone was a poor choice. Ve also noted that Rod’s character still resembled the ones he’s done before. Overall, the judges found the characters “flat” and said “not much effort got put into their execution”.

As for Sarah and Derek’s characters, the judges called the make-up “muddy looking” and hated the female character’s eyepatch because their was no obvious attachment mechanism. They deplored the sidekicks badly sculpted jaw line, calling it “messy” and “incomplete”.

When it came Alana and Roy’s turn, there were no negative comments. The judges pronounced their characters the most “comic book like”. They loved the flames on Fire and adored the quirky sidekick. They also liked that the “characters melded well together”, were “colorful” and “fun”.

The winning team was Alana and Roy, with Alana taking this week’s Spotlight Challenge. The losing team was Jason and Rod, with Jason removed from further Face Off competition.

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