Facebook Adds Subscriber Link to Comments

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Ever read a conversation on Facebook and think that one of the people commenting said something interesting? Like to subscribe to find out what else they are saying? Facebook, in a bid to copy the wild Twitter trend, has finally added this option to their site. The glitch comes in that the commenter must have already turned this option on.

This option is particularly valuable when following a celebrity or simply an interesting (but very busy) person, such as your favorite columnist at the local newspaper. In a time when information (a lot of it not very interesting or entertaining), new mechanisms for seeking out those who actually have something worthwhile to say are on the rise.

One simple click on a comment will allow someone to subscribe easily, and allow those who comment to grow their following of subscribers, There is also a box that allows for noting just how many subscribers the person has, although this doesn’t always show up, notes Zdnet.com.

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