Facebook Condemns Breast Cancer Awareness Pics as Pornographic (Video)

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The “Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project” is the latest photo album to be removed from Facebook for “pornographic” content. Photographer, Michael Colanero, captured images of 25 post-mastectomy breast cancer survivors with body paint covering their faces, torsos and breasts. According to Colanero, each woman’s body was a unique and individualized canvas that expressed themes like “femininity, motherhood, pain, fear and courage.”

Facebook is dealing with a major challenge by operating an expressionistic platform across multiple countries that have different standards on what constitutes free speech, censorship, nudity and pornography. Michelangelo’s Statue of David is on public display in Florence, Italy and there are numerous Facebook pages that show the image in its full entirety (male package and all). So, how is a breast covered in a coat of paint thick enough to look almost like clothing be considered pornographic?

A Public Fight With Breast Cancer

The women interviewed for the Breast Cancer Awareness project proudly discussed what they had overcome in their battle with breast cancer and how they wanted to show their bodies to make themselves feel sexy and inspire other women who are fighting the disease. While the women who posed for the Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project don’t view the pictures as nudity or pornography, Facebook apparently disagrees.

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Body Painting as Art

Michael Colanero captured a wide variety of human canvases including a tiger, warrior, pin cushion, World Trade Center, yellow brick road, eagle, butterflies, Africa, lilies, a giant clock kind of like the one that Flava Flav wears and more. The video below shows many of the women’s bodies as well as their interviews. Take a look and judge for yourself whether you think the pics are pornographic and should’ve been removed from Facebook for nudity. There’s a poll here.

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