Facebook declares it’s Doppelganger Week.

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Facebook declares it’s Doppelganger Week.


Thousand of status updates on the popular social networking site Facebook are proclaiming “It’s Doppelganger  Week.”


So what does that exactly mean. Well the point of the game (if you call it that) is to change your profile to someone famous…someone you have been told you resemble or have been mistaken for.


I, for example changed my picture to Linda Blair, who I have been told I resemble. You guys be the judge!


ABC News quotes Bryn Haffey, a 26-year-old lawyer in New York. “It’s one of the few Facebook activities that everyone can join. … It’s really quick and easy and it’s fun,” she said. “I think it’s a way to express yourself, but then also see how your friends would express themselves to the same inquiry.”


There are lots of other games on Facebook (and we aren’t talking Mafia Wars or Farmville.) Recently personal quizzes like “25 things about me” have made the rounds. And to support breast cancer awareness, women changed their status to reveal what color bra they had on.


You never know what will be next.


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