Facebook Down DNS Error

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Facebook was not available for a short while Thursday. Many users got a message that read, “DNS Failure,” when they tried to access Facebook. Facebook’s users were affected worldwide. With 500 million users of Facebook, most experienced some connection problems.  For many, it didn’t work, or the connection was very slow.

There was also a problem on Wednesday, but Facebook is trying to locate and fix the problems, but Facebook said that the problems were unrelated.

Facebook is now restored, according to Quick PWN.  What would we do with days on end without Facebook and Twitter? Do you remember when we didn’t have the two social networking sites?

This has been a major slowdown for not only chatters, but for businesses as well. More businesses use Facebook and Twitter now. Everyone was affected in someway. Twitter was hacked yesterday, and as of yet, there is no word on why Facebook had a “DNS Failure” message.

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