Facebook Forcing the Hand of its Users Again

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Facebook has once again shown its true colors, that is, not caring about what its users have to say or think about a feature they may add into the site. The social networking giant has automatically assigned every user with an email address to their profile. Just like their timeline that they forcefully added as one of their “enhancements” that so many users griped about, this email implementation is just another way the site is trying to keep everyone glued to it.

Facebook users were venting anger over a move changing users' default email address to the one operated by the leading social network. (AFP Photo/Pornchai Kittiwongsakul)Initially they made this feature an “option” to the users that were interested. However, Monday was the day that Facebook did what they do best by making another useless feature mandatory. Oh, and good luck trying to remove it if you don’t want it in your profile.

The assigned email address is primarily used as a messaging tool. Those not signed up with the site can “email” you at your @facebook.com address and you receive it as a message. You will then receive a notification in your message box letting you know you have a new message.

So what’s the benefit to this? Nothing. It’s just another tactic by the company to make sure you stay on their site without the need of going elsewhere.

They will not change their ways. If they have another idea, they’ll keep it optional for a few months then turn around and force it upon the users. Again, doing what they do best.

What was once a “cool” hang out for friends and family to catch up or share photos with is slowly turning into a gathering of frustrated users that lash out on the companies ideas and ways of business.

Facebook, the non-social network.

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