Facebook Hired Public Relations Company to Smear Google Online

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Big business is often sleazy and plays dirty games to beat out the competition. The online companies are not immune to secretive maneuvers to try to tarnish the reputation of other companies. It has now been revealed that Facebook used the Burson-Marsteller public relations company to target Google with negative stories online.

Facebook used the public relations company to place stories online that implied that Google invaded the privacy of people who used the search engine, notes the Daily Beast. Facebook itself however is not free of problems with privacy issues. Facebook has had ongoing problems with apps on the site that allow outside companies to collect information about users. Account information on Facebook is in danger of being sold to advertisers. Anyone who thinks their Facebook account is totally private does not really understand how the Internet works.

A Blogger Speaks Out

Barson-Marsteller attempted to get a reputable blogger to create an op-ed that pilloried Google. This turned into a big fail for Facebook when the blogger went public with the emails that tried to recruit him to write the op-ed.

Facebook has now confirmed that the company used Barson-Marsteller to fight Google. Facebook claims they took this action because Google’s social networking platform called Social Circle tries to use Facebook data and it allegedly exposes user’s private data to exposure. Facebook feels Google is in violation of the FTC agreement due to the development of Social Circle.

Privacy Issues

Do you use Google or Facebook? Most people use at least one of these two companies as part of their daily online activities. There is much concern that using either of the companies jeopardizes privacy.

There has been much coverage in the media and on blogs about how both Facebook and Google are making people’s personal lives all too public. Will these huge sites continue to have popularity or will people start to ease back from putting so much of their lives online?

A New Normal?

Do you think Facebook’s use of a public relations f irm to create and place negative articles on the Internet about Google is sleazy or just the new normal way of doing business now? Internet companies are in a big money arena. They don’t play nice with each other; it is more like a destroy the enemy mentality at work.

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