Facebook IPO: Small Investor Friendly Selling Shares Online

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Facebook IPO is not just for the rich and famous, as the social network created accessibility for the little guy who wants to own a piece of this historic social network.

Scoring a stake in this social network’s initial public offering is as easy as going to E*Trade. Late Thursday the social network added the E*Trade website in what CNN is calling “an effort to have some of its hotly sought after shares accessible for all.”

E*Trade is the popular low-cost online trading firm. The only reason they would include E*Trade to their list of 33 underwriters of its offering is because it wants its IPO to have a broad retail distribution.

The shares of Facebook are available online at E*Trade for about $28 to $35 per share. Now that you’ve used the online social network and seen the movie of how it came into existence, a piece of this historic Internet phenomenon is easy to get as yours.

Many of the little guys investing in Facebook will feel a kinship with their purchase since it’s so much a part of daily life. You get everything from celebrity news to where the latest tornado has touched down via Facebook.

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