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Is your Facebook not working?  What’s going on with Facebook not working for many users?  Is Facebook down December 10? It seems the new privacy settings are the cause of Facebook not working for certain users.

It took awhile for me to realize Facebook was not working.  I don’t typically use Facebook unless I have to so I would not know if Facebook was down.  After all, I can socialize at Gather and earn points for it.  Facebook not working is not a major concern for me.

However, it seems many people are almost addicted to using Facebook.  If it isn’t to connect with friends and family or professionally network, people are gaming.  Some people seem to spend hours on Mafia Wars and Farmville and hearing Facebook down is a crisis.

Back to Facebook not working for many of its 350 million users today.  It seems the new privacy settings are confusing.  CNET News attempts to clear up the confusing about Facebook not working in their article, “How To Fix Facebook’s New Privacy Settings”.

The idea of Facebook not working just gives me another reason to avoid the place.  For professional purposes, I love the quick and open accessibility of Twitter.  When it comes to getting social, Gather is the best place to be.

For additional assistance with Facebook not working, here is a YouTube video entitled, “How to Configure Facebook’s New Privacy Settings”:  As for me, I’ll be Gathering…


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