Facebook Stock Barter for Artist David Choe Worth $200 Million!

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Facebook president asked graffiti artist David Choe to paint murals at their Palo Alto headquarters in 2005. For payment Choe had the choice of cash or stock in Facebook. The artist took the stock option in this barter deal, even though he didn’t think it would ever amount to a lot. Seven years later, that barter for his artwork is worth about $200 million!

This $200 million makes Choe one of the richest painters alive today. The gig at Facebook granted the painter much more than becoming a multi-millionaire. He also walked away with friendships that he values even more than his stock. His good friend “Zuck One” came out of his time painting those murals at the Facebook headquarters, that’s Mark Zuckerberg to the rest of the world.

This week Facebook filed the S1 registration with the Security & Exchange Commission as it’s on its way to getting an IPO on the stock exchange. This filing opened up a window for the public to look inside the inner workings of Facebook revealing so many other interesting facts about this social network company, according to the Daily Beast.

Just a few things revealed in this filing making the news today, in 2011 Facebook’s revenue was $3.71 billion and their average monthly active users number 845 million. Have you ever wondered how many people hit the “Like” button or comment on Facebook every day? Probably not, but if you did, the answer is an average 2.7 million people hit the “Like” icon or comment on the social website daily.

Now that you know this it won’t make you sleep better at night, but you have to find the trivia a bit interesting especially if you’re a Facebook member? The story of David Choe’s barter back in 2007 makes him not only rich, but another success story coming out of this social media company.

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