Facebook: The Movie? ‘The Social Network’ is Adding Friends… Again (Trailer)

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“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world…” Well, you know the rest. But now it’s gonna be a movie!

There are currently 500 million Facebook subscribers, and counting. That’s twice the population of the U.S. So who are these people? Turns out, it’s just about everybody you know. And everybody they know. And so on… all around the world.

But it wasn’t always that way. Remember MySpace? Well, that’s another story. But they’ll probably never make a movie about those guys. Too bad. Because for a lot of us Tom Anderson was the first person we never met who tried to be our friend online without asking for money. Or worse.

MySpace made some fatal errors just as they were getting big that began to turn all those Tom friends off. Like letting people know you DIDN’T want to be friends. Or being unable to browse strangers without them knowing it. And, oh yeah. The privacy issues.

Like any giant just starting out, competitors can benefit from your mistakes by avoiding them. Enter Facebook.

In 2003 a brilliant Harvard undergraduate named Mark Zuckerberg created a program in his dorm room that was based on a tradition from his fancy elitist NY private school years. Called a “Facebook” it listed in book form a head shot photo and the interests of each student. The rest of us called it a yearbook.

By expanding the format to an online network forum, Zuckerberg hoped to duplicate the college experience in the digital realm and he began programming in earnest. Before he knew what hit him, the idea caught fire and by the time Zuckerberg was 23 years old he’d become the world’s youngest self made billionaire.

Now that’s a good movie story. But it’s not ALL about making friends.

On October 1 we’ll get to watch from the beginning as this incredible story unfolds. But, since Aaron Sorkin is writing it, it just wouldn’t be a blockbuster without a few good “West Wing” type twists thrown in. Even if they’re not exactly true.

According to Wikipedia, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz called the film a “dramatization of history. It is interesting to see my past rewritten in a way that emphasizes things that didn’t matter. A lot of exciting things happened in 2004, but mostly we just worked a lot and stressed out about things; the version in the trailer seems a lot more exciting, so I’m just going to choose to remember that we drank ourselves silly.”

The article continues, reporting that, “The plot of the book/script unabashedly attacks [Zuckerberg], but I actually felt like a lot of his positive qualities come out truthfully in the trailer. At the end of the day, they cannot help but portray him as the driven, forward-thinking genius that he is.”

Sounds like a ripping good yarn. See for yourself. Here’s the trailer discussed.

Looks like this is one Friend we shouldn’t choose to ignore…


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