Facial attractiveness and interracial marriage

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There are some research papers that you just know are going to be provocative just from the titles. 


Ever read a study and said ‘wait a minute”?  This is one of them – even reading just the abstract before getting to the particulars of the research that follows the abstract conclusions I found myself saying how did they go about (method) getting this information. 



Read it. 



 Am I right or wrong – I did not see the correlation between the study and relationships let alone what it had to do with marriage choices.  Kind of like showing some a basket of fruit then saying and that’s why folks eat more apples than pomegranites.



Am I right – another flawed study

Your thougts?



 This is one of them: A Facial Attractiveness Account of Gender Asymmetries in Interracial Marriage.



Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog Facial attractiveness and interracial marriage




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