‘Facts of Life’s’ Lisa Whelchel on Season 25 of ‘Survivor’

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Since leaving The Facts of Life, actress Lisa Whelchel homeschooled her children and became a motivational speaker. She recently embarked on something unlike anything she’s done before, but it’s long been on her list of aspirations. Blair Warner–the ritzy boarding school socialite character played by Whelchel–is starring on Survivor: Philippines.

According to a report from Access Hollywood, Whelchel has watched all of the previous 24 seasons of Survivor and is thrilled to be part of the 25th.

“I’ve always wanted tLisa Whelchelo be on the show from the very beginning. In the early years I was homeschooling my kids… after that I was an inspirational speaker… last year was the perfect window of opportunity. My kids were in college, I had some free months, so I pursued this dream and went after it really hard,” she says.

Whelchel, who is 49, says she sums up filming the show with the word “extreme.” But she says the things that challenged her most weren’t the things she expected to prove difficult.

“The external elements, the weather and the starvation, the bugs, that really wasn’t the hard part for me. It was the internal struggle,” she says. “The challenge of playing the game, the way you’re supposed to play it to win. You’re going to have to do some lying and backstabbing and hurting people and that was a bigger struggle for me. That turned out to be harder than I anticipated.”

As a devout Christian backstabbing and lying would prove beyond difficult for the married mom of three. She couldn’t even rely on her acting skills to make it through the toughest times.

“You get so raw, without the food, without people who are your support system, without sleep, you’re miserable because of the bugs. Anything is stripped away from you. So even something like the ability to be an actress that was gone. I couldn’t act like I was happy. It was miserable,” she says.

Do you plan on tuning in to season 25 of Survivor and see former Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel brave the elements? Do you remember her as Blair Warner? She was definitely not the kind of girl to rough it.

How do you suppose Whelchel fares on Survivor: Philippines?

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